The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature the official release date of the second Summer Games event along with new in-game loot items and the return of Lucioball.

Summer Games return next week

Game director Jeff Kaplan announced the second Summer Games event for "Overwatch" will launch on Aug. 8 and will include new changes in Lucioball and summer-related items for each character.

One of the most-anticipated game modes in the second Summer Games is the return of Lucioball, and Kaplan noted that game developers added new changes to it. A competitive mode style version dubbed "Copa Lucioball" will be added to the Arcade section.

It will allow players to compete through the initial ten placement matches to win a special spray, or finish the three-week event in the top 500 to win an extremely rare spray.

Kaplan revealed that there will be a new stadium for the returning Lucioball taking place in Sydney, Australia. The game director also noted some changes for Lucio in his self-titled game mode as he will no longer "boop" opposing players, and his ultimate move can now enhance his speed and jumping abilities rather than pulling the ball towards him.

Blizzard Entertainment added new legendary skins for "Overwatch" characters Junkrat and Mercy. McCree and Widowmaker will also have new skins, although Kaplan failed to mention if they are legendary or just regular ones.

Lastly, Kaplan teased gaming fans of something "silly" to look forward to during the Summer Games, and it somehow involves Roadhog. However, he did not divulge any further details, and told them to just wait and see when the event launches next week.

Orisa having minor buffs

It seems that Bizzard is planning to have minor changes for Orisa added to the game soon, and username Trolltorb noted that she has trouble finding relevance for the character in the battlefield.

Trolltorb highlighted Orisa's lack of damage output and her Fortify is not very effective against Doomfist's attacks. As a result, Kaplan and his team will look into Orisa's specs and find a way to make her a more efficient Tank character in the game.

"We don't think she needs a mega buff. We are experimenting with some minor improvements though," Kaplan said.

"Apologies for no details -- we're trying a few things right now, and not all of them are going to stick. Overall, we feel like she's not far off but not in the ideal spot yet."

Orisa is a combination of two Tank characters Reinhardt and Zarya, and her move set is rather focused on defense rather than offense. Perhaps the minor changes could help players use Orisa better, balancing both offense and defense during matches.