Overwatch” nerfs can really hit players hard, especially if one of their favorite characters has been placed at a much weaker state than before. One prime example in the past was the Support hero Ana who had received a nerf on her Biotic Grenade’s damage. When this launched on the Public Test Realm (PTR), many fans believed that she wouldn’t see much use in the game anymore. However, Blizzard ultimately responded to fans and brought back her grenade’s original damage. Fast forward to today and now we have Roadhog players mourning the once-powerful tank.

RIP Roadhog?

It’s an understatement to say that Roadhog was one of the most powerful “Overwatch” heroes over recent months. This tank could take a good amount of damage while being able to self-sustain himself with his healing ability. Moreover, he could even one-shot squishy heroes like Mercy, Lucio, and Soldier76 once he grabs them with his hook that has a large hit box. His playstyle revolved around punishing players who were out of place by easily killing them.

However, Blizzard ultimately decided to give him a nerf by lowering his damage in exchange for a faster fire rate. This put him at a major disadvantage in the meta as his pick rate dropped dramatically. Other characters now have a fighting chance after being hooked and the new Reaper buff has just made this tank hero a free ultimate charger.

Kotaku reports that “Overwatch” Roadhog players are still in a state of shock and grief following these recent changes.

Begging Blizzard to save him

Fans have taken to the official “Overwatch” forums and other social media platforms to beg Blizzard to save their hero. Some players have even been suggesting some changes the developers could do for the hero to increase his viability in the battlefield.

Other gamers have gone above and beyond and claimed that they are “quitting” the game until Roadhog is “restored.”

His nerf has become something of a meme over the past few weeks, but luckily Blizzard is already looking into a few changes for his playstyle. Principal designer Geoff Goodman already mentioned something about a survivability buff and how they’re looking into changing how his self-healing ability works.

With this in mind, they’re trying to make him live up to his class as a Tank instead of a semi-DPS character. These changes are expected to hit the PTR soon, possibly with or after the upcoming Junkrat changes. For now, fans must wait for the new Roadhog buffs to see if he’ll become a viable pick in “Overwatch” again.