Earlier this morning, game publisher Bandai Namco announced that they will be pushing more Third-party games to Nintendo Switch. This is great news for Nintendo fans as people were getting worried about third-party support for the new platform; even Nintendo themselves could say they were concerned about not having enough support for their new system to keep customers happy.

What does this mean for the future of Nintendo?

When the Switch first launched in March, people were concerned about how much third-party support would be coming to the console this time around.

The Wii U support wasn't an ideal standard of what it could have been if more developers decided to add their games to it. The problem the Wii U had was that the marketing was very scarce, people were also confused and thought this was an extension of the original Wii. Nintendo Switch, however, fixes this problem because they showed us better marketing of what the system is and what it can do. Nintendo didn't confuse anyone in their marketing this time, they gave full details and gave developers full access to explore the system kits. This added another level of trust and clarity to the Switch that hadn't been present for the Wii U.

As Nintendo continues to further their success, more developers will want to add their selection of games to the Switch, recently Capcom announced they would be giving Nintendo full support after the success of Ultra Street Fighter II.

This game succeeded Capcom's expectations and sold 450,000 units in the first quarter of sales, because of this Capcom is preparing more titles to be released for the hybrid console. Nintendo is reaching the point of having over 100+ Eshop titles and plans to have much more in the future.

Nintendo begins to take action

Nintendo announced that on August 22, they would be allowing Japan residents to pre-order customized versions of Nintendo Switch consoles on their site. Why does this matter?

This matters because Nintendo understands that people want their system and are now taking all the necessary measures to make sure people get the beloved system in their hands. With big first-party titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Metroid 4 coming out, this new system to buy consoles straight from Nintendo is going to be helpful for the people who have been trying to get a Switch for months.

With more consoles on the way and more support from developers new and old, this is going to be a great time to pick up a Nintendo switch. I hope Nintendo can keep this momentum going into the holiday season.