Nintendo and modders are in a heated battle these days, with modders wanting to create new and fun options for people to mess around with. Nintendo, on the other hand, doesn't want modders hacking into their system and finding cheats and exploits. The Nintendo Switch hacking community recently reached the kernel of the system-- allowing them to get into apps and create emulators, games, mods, and new applications. Yesterday, they made progress even further by finding a bug to help speed up Homebrew. However, if you update past 3.0 you take the risk of having Homebrew take longer to download on your device.

But what exactly is Homebrew? Why do people like it so much?


Homebrew is an unofficial application that was started by a group of amateur developers. Developers could build applications into a certain device with a specific purpose-- for example, some applications are used to emulate recent games from old hardware. Other applications can be made to include save states, video/music players, mod character creation, and more. All you have to do is purchase an SD card, plug in your desired system to a computer and download the necessary files. With a little patience, you will have access to Homebrew and be able to browse certain files. Some people use it to download character mods and accessories for games like Super Smash Bros and Pokemon.

Others programmed applications to get previously purchased games from old devices, the issues with this is that some users would use it to pirate games. This caused a lot of controversy between Nintendo and modders, Nintendo still takes action against fan-made games and hacked applications

What does this mean for the future of Homebrew?

If people are still willing to work on these applications for new systems, there will always be Homebrew applications.

That doesn't mean Nintendo won't try to stop them from doing it, these legal battles will go on for years. However, Nintendo does offer money to people who want to find bugs in their products. If you are good at hacking what side would you choose to join? Homebrew will be releasing in the next couple months at some point, we aren't sure if they'll be releasing a test version for the public yet.

If you decide to install this application remember not to update your system, because if you do it might take longer for you to get this application. this download will void your warranty, make sure you understand that before proceeding.