"Monster Hunter" as a game Series has never been exceptionally popular in North America. Its audience has always been particularly niche, and it never spread to many of the main consoles. I played the first game in the series on my Playstation 2, and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, but every time a new game was released by developers, it was always on a platform I did not own, and I imagine it was similar for many other gamers. The following for "Monster Hunter" has always been the largest in the Asian gaming market, for several likely reasons.

I was always disappointed that new games in the series were not released for platforms that I owned. I missed the gameplay that allowed you to feel like a true hunter of mighty beasts.

What fans can expect from 'Monster Hunter: World'

This will change with the coming release of "Monster Hunter: World" for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2018. Capcom is finally taking advantage of a potential market that is hungry for challenging content in video games. "Monster Hunter: World" will have all the same features from previous games in the series that fans love: the ability to track and fight large, exciting beasts, craft weapons and armour from salvaged pieces of defeated monsters, and a fun co-op system.

In addition to all the old staples of the "Monster Hunter" series, this new game will include improved AI for the monsters, better graphics, and quality of life tweaks to make it easier for newcomers to get invested in the game. You can watch some of the new gameplay in the video below:

Gamers want a challenge

The success of games like "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne" has revealed that there is an appetite among a large subset of gamers for a real challenge.

These gamers want to spend hours preparing and learning how to beat difficult bosses without having their hands held. "Monster Hunter" games have always offered that feeling. Capcom is finally taking advantage of a large market that only had a few options to choose from before.

If the upcoming game follows the same general formula as its predecessors, with only minor tweaks, it is sure to be a hit.

It is, after all, a winning formula that has resulted in over a dozen popular games. And, if the game is a success, Capcom will likely release other games in the franchise for mainstream consoles as well. The niche of hardcore gamers thirsting for a challenge would be grateful.

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