Rock Pocket Games released the launch trailer of “Moons of Madness.” The trailer shows incredible graphics and surroundings, making a lot of fans very excited. The title also has a lot of amazing features that gamers will definitely love. The title's genre is unusual in today's gaming industry. However, fans are expecting that “Moons of Madness” will be a big hit, as Rock Pocket Games is known for their success in most of their Android and iOS games. It is also believed that the game will bring out the real experience of what is it like to be on Mars.

It is also a Lovecraftian inspired game. Due to this, players can expect some chaotic scenes in the game.

Features of 'Moons of Madness'

“Moons of Madness” is a sci-fi horror game where players must discover the mysteries on Mars. There are a lot of things to expect from the game, especially its storyline. In the game, players will start as an astronaut that is working in a scientific outpost on Mars. However, strange activities started to happen on the red planet. Due to this, players can expect that there will be a number of alien encounters in the game, which could be horrifying.

“Moons of Madness” also features a very realistic visualization. Rock Pocket Games also confirmed that they kept the game updated through the current works of NASA on Mars.

The game's developers also added the mental conditions to make the game more realistic, where the character can experience illness due to the environment on Mars.

Players will also encounter abandoned alien bases in the game, which is dark and creepy. It is expected that there will be a lot of jump scares throughout the game, as it features hallucinations.

It is also in the first-person view, making it more horrifying. It is still unsure whether the game will have a multiplayer system, as it might only be story-focused game. Players can also expect a minimal amount of combat systems in the game, as the character is wearing a heavy space suit, which reduces quick movements.

When is the release date of 'Moons of Madness'

At the moment there is no release date yet for “Moons of Madness.” However, Rock Pocket Games announced that the game will be released in 2018. The title is definitely worth the wait, especially for sci-fi game lovers, given how Rock Pocket Games is serious about making it as realistic as much as possible. “Moons of Madness” will be available to play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.