As the PlayStation 4 has dominated the current generation, it is easy to write off the original Xbox One as a commercial failure. This is not actually the case, as Microsoft's console sold relatively well, it just suffered from a poor start that placed it firmly on the back burner for the last few years. At this point, it is estimated that around 29 million consoles have been sold, which is higher than the original Xbox, Gamecube, and WII U. Those could be considered failures, especially the latter two, while the Xbox One is merely a disappointing follow to the very successful Xbox 360.

Microsoft store no longer lists the original console

With the Xbox One S selling quite well and the Xbox One X available for pre-order, Microsoft seems to have decided its time to put the bulky original out to pasture. It is no longer listed on the Microsoft Store and, once current stocks are depleted, expect third party sellers to no longer offer it. This is obviously no surprise, as there is no need to have three versions of the same brand for customers to select from. With the Xbox One S offering an improved performance at a reasonable price, and Project Scorpio serving as the most powerful console on the planet, the original console feels almost like a relic.

For those considering jumping on the Microsoft train, it is best to purchase one of the two newer consoles.

Yes, it is possible to find a second-hand version of the launch console, but it should still cost around $200; in comparison, a brand new Xbox One S with a 1 TB hard-drive can be picked up from the store for around $399. It wouldn't be a surprise to see the smaller updated version decrease in price even further during the next few months, especially once its bigger brother is released.

Project Scorpio

Early predictions from analyst suggested that the Xbox One X might struggle to establish a foothold on the market due to its price of $499. So far, pre-orders suggest otherwise, as the Project Scorpio edition set record breaking times before selling out.

This should not be taken as a guarantee that the analysts are wrong, as collectors and die-hard fans were always going to snatch up the limited edition version.

Although Microsoft will be desperate for a positive launch, their focus will be long term. With rumors spreading about a potential PlayStation 5 in the near future, if Project Scorpio is not established as a reliable console that has 5-10 solid years ahead of it, it might be killed off by Sony.