Between huge releases like “Theseus,” “Archangel,” and “Superhot VR,” it’s a great time to be a playstation vr owner. But more games are heading to Sony’s VR platform soon, unveiled at the recent ChinaJoy International Digital Entertainment Expo in Shanghai. The games come as a result of a partnership between Sony and what it calls “some of Asia’s most exciting developers.”

Teasers have been uploaded on the internet, and the response so far has been positive despite the lack of release dates. However, the following games are said to be released sometime this year.

‘Kill X’

Ps Vr owners are up for a claustrophobic experience with VIVA Games’ “Kill X.” Set on a secret island, a group of ambiguous individuals, in search of immortality, have resorted to experimenting with humans in the most grotesque ways one could ever imagine. A player’s goal is to eventually put a halt to this madness, but it won’t easy. A horde of enemies must be faced along with some puzzles to unlock the deadliest of weapons.

‘The Walker’

In “The Walker,” players are taken back to ancient China, where evil is rife and demons roam the land. PS VR owners get to play a character whose lineage is known for their mastery on sorcery and swordsmanship. With these two skills combined, the goal of saving the world from demonic madness should be achieved.

However, enemies can only be fended off by mastering charms and learning spells. There are also weapons waiting to be collected, which the player can enhance by casting special powers on them. “The Walker” is being developed by Chinese game-maker Haymaker.

‘Legion Commander’

Developed by ChangYou Games, one of China’s premier martial arts MMORPG makers, “Legion Commander” is a real-time strategy game that uses special cards for players to cast spells.

There are three different races to choose from: Elves, Orcs, and Humans – all of which are ponied to battle an evil overlord.


Stifled” will be the first title to be released on the PS VR this year. It’s developed by Gattai Games and uses dark blacks and stark whites to convey its aesthetics. What makes this survival horror game unique is that players can use their own voice as a signal to reveal the world around them.

It’s sort of a game of hide and seek, but the twist is, every sound players make can potentially alert frightening creatures, ramping up the levels of fear.

Sony’s Senior Director of International Development and Localization Sean Kelly did not indicate a release window in the blog post, but he advised to “keep a close eye” for more information and updates.