A new image teasing the content of the Fighter Pack 3 of “Injustice 2” surfaced online in the wake of the reveal of Fighter Pack 2. Now that the three DLC's are already unveiled to the public, fans are now speculating about the next three characters that will be in the third DLC.

Teaser image

Reddit user Monomatsu0 shared an image allegedly containing the silhouettes of the next three DLC characters in “Injustice 2.” The image shows the silhouette of a female character. In the middle is a shrunken-down hero, and the figure on the right side appears to be someone wearing a trench coat.

The image sparked speculation among fans, and below are the suspected characters.

Figure in trench coat

The figure that appears to be wearing a trench coat could possibly be Constantine. So far, he is one of the top names that came out from the fans’ speculations. Among the reasons for being one of the fan-favorites are his spectral skills. In addition, Constantine can knock down opponents using a massive amount of firepower. It appears that the cancellation of his show is not an issue among fans. Aside from Constantine, another character that is speculated to be the figure wearing the trench coat is Rorschach.

This “Watchmen” character aside from wearing a trench coat is a potential for making a cross-over to the game following Hellboy.

The shrunk hero

In the center of the image is a silhouette of a hero that appears to have been shrunk. Atom is the closest match to this clue. In DC Universe, there is no other pint-sized character except Atom.

However, in the past, NetherRealm’s Ed Boon teased an image of Alex Ross featuring a tiny hero.

Female character

In addition, on the left side of the image is a figure that appears to be a female character based on the hair. Among the top candidates is Raven. It is worth noting that ‘Teen Titans” characters like Cyborg and Starfire are already in the game.

So a potential inclusion of Raven in the roster of playable character is not impossible. In addition, the character was seen in the original “Injustice: Gods Among Us” where she immediately became a fan-favorite. Her inclusion on the roster could also expand the "Teen Titan" story DLC. Another name heavily speculated by fans is Enchantress. The character is from the popular “Suicide Squad.”

So far these are all speculations. Fans can expect more of these as Ed Boon continues to tease and images are leaked all the time. For now, they have wait for the official release date of the DLC characters in “Injustice 2” Fighter Pack 2.