The grand reveal for the next DLC characters of “Injustice 2” will be on August 23. However, speculations about the content of the game’s Fighter Pack 2 have been hitting the web since Ed Boon posted a new image teasing about the reveal at the Gamescom 2017.

Latest tease

NetherRealm Studios and “Injustice 2” creator Ed Boon is teasing fans once again about the next DLC character that will be released in the game. On his official twitter account, Boon shared an image that has drawn speculations from fans. The image that he shared was very dark, and at first look, it is hard to tell what the image is really showing.

Spawn or Solomon Grundy?

At an initial glance, there appears to be a massive hulking image at the foreground. Several speculations about a potential hulking character surfaced and among the top pick is Solomon Grundy. The character is typically depicted with a few swords showing out at the back of his shoulders. Another loud guess among fans is Spawn. The character has been previously teased many times even by Ed Boon.

However, getting the image enhanced gives us a different result. It appears that the previous image was just a myopic view of the entire picture once enhanced. With several enhancements, in the further right part of the picture shows what seems to be a spear sticking out.

Moreover, the previous guess that the hulking figure in the foreground is nothing but rubbles of a collapsed wall with several iron reinforcements sticking out.

According to speculations, the spear could be related to Wonder Woman. In the previous Fighter Pack tease, her sword and shield were shown in the image. It is possible that the spear could refer to a character from Wonder Woman.

Several claims point that it could be Ares.

Starfire’s leg

Aside from the spear, in the left part of the picture, there appears to be a leg with a small dash of purple. Perhaps the foot belongs to Starfire in trouble or was attacked and is lying on the rubbles. So it might be possible that the next character is an adversary of Starfire.

This could mean Trigon or its follower Raven.

All of these are mere speculations as NetherRealm has not yet leaked any information about the game’s upcoming DLC characters. Meanwhile, the reveal of the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2” will take place at the Gamescom 2017 during the celebrity showdown titled Fight to Death. It will be participated by DJ Steve Aoki and Don Diablo.