Now that the legendary Pokemon for the popular app are finally here, one question is on everybody's minds: How do we catch them? Some people were given a free legendary Pokemon at the Chicago event, but many are still left without a legendary. To catch them, users have to participate in level 5 raid battles, which have been extremely difficult to complete for most.

Legendaries Available for a Limited Time

Pokemon Go fans struggled to catch fire and flying type Moltres when it was released, as the catch rate for the Pokemon almost seemed to be too low.

The game developers certainly didn't want it to be too easy to catch them all, and they certainly made it difficult for fans of the popular game. More legendary Pokemon will appear in the future, and Players of the app will face the same challenges once again. To catch these types of creatures requires a plan, and this article will have some information that should help players catch legendaries more easily. To do this, players need to earn the maximum number of Premier balls each battle.

Tip #1: Gym Control

Never forget to spin the gym stop before starting the raid, which will fix any bugs that should occur within the app. Also try to pick out raids for gyms on your team, as this will help increase your Chances.

In addition, if you are in an area without many gyms, try to take over as many as possible and protect them.

Tip #2: Raid Battle Specifics

There are several things that Pokemon Go fans should be aware of whenever they enter into a raid battle. Here are a few ways that users can gain the upper hand:

  • Get the right counters to get the damage count up, the Pokemon you use DO MATTER
  • Raid in small groups, with only 3-5 players, as larger groups end the battle far too quickly
  • Try to survive, as rejoining resets the damage counter and hurts your team's chances in the battle.
  • If you are forced to rejoin, try to have everyone rejoin at the same time so that all players get three Premier Balls.

Tip #3: Team Contribution

Everything stated in the previous tip holds true for the team contribution, but there are even more things players can do to increase their chances of success in raid battles.

  • You will receive the maximum 3 Premier Balls if at least half the total damage is done by your own team
  • Split up large groups by team, so that everyone gets the full bonus

Those are all the tips that we have for you in this article. Hopefully you'll now be able to go out there and catch some legendary Pokemon on the app!