Telltale Games' announced that the next entry for season two of "Batman: The Enemy Within" will be released on September 26. PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers can download episode 2 while iOS and Android-based users will be given access to both episodes on the same day. Entitled "The Pact," we are still in the dark on what the chapter will focus on, but the critically acclaimed company announced that harley quinn is set to make her debut.

Harley Quinn and John Doe

John Doe is obviously The Joker. Anyone with half a brain can see that. If the fact that he isn't constantly smiling was not enough of a tip-off, his green hair and pale skin should be more than enough.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that Harley's story will be intertwined with Mr. Doe. As the misfit recently spent time in Arkham Asylum, where Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel works as a psychologist, they probably interact a few times during his time behind bars.

Telltale Games' have not been afraid to play around with Batman's lore, so they might end up taking a different approach to Harley's backstory or character. For all we know, she might still be a semi-function human being or only halfway through her slow descent into madness. The jester is one of DC's most popular characters, especially after "Suicide Squad" and the recent animated "Batman and Harley Quinn" movie.

Introduced in "Batman: The Animated Series," Harley Quinn falls madly in love with the Joker while trying to help him in Arkham.

It is heavily implied that the sadistic villain tortures and brainwashed her before she helps him escapes and becomes his sidekick. She genuinely believes that he loves her, despite him barely showing her the time of day. In the original series, she served as comic relief and, frankly, as fan service. Her romance, for lack of a better word, with the Joker bastardized the notion of unconditional love but ended up being viewed by parts of the audience as some modern retelling of Romeo & Juliet.

Is season two a good entry point?

Telltale Games' designed "Batman: The Enemy Within" to serve as a stand alone title. It does continue from season one, but these episodes can be enjoyed without having played through the first five episodes. Those who did experience the first season have the option to transfer over the choices made in that original run.

"The Pact" will be available to download from September 26 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android devices.