It appears that fans will be seeing the release of the highly anticipated game, “Grand Theft Auto 6” longer than previously expected. A recent interview with the game’s international publisher reveals that the unprecedented success of Gta 5” and “GTA Online” has fostered for longer lifespans of the titles compared to their previous predictions.

GTA 5’s success

Despite not being able to release a new title for the year 2016 to 2017, Rockstar Games has so far enjoyed a substantial success from the sales of “GTA 5” and “GTA Online.” Until now, in-game micro transactions in the games’ multiplayer experiences have continuously brought revenue to the game Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games.

While there are those who doubt that “GTA Online” did not really do well, money is still coming in.

The continued success of both titles has been the biggest factor that has made the people behind the games to decide on prolonging the game’s lives. Moreover, the company has also kept these titles on the market to calculate deferrals. So far, Rockstar Games has been regularly rolling out contents and events to both titles. There are new missions, events, and even items for players to collect every now and then in these two successful titles. Interestingly, players are still patronizing these and are still even willing to spend on these offers.

Next game installment

The unprecedented success of the two titles has also put the release of the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto 6” on a later date.

Until now, the game developer has not yet confirmed when exactly they are starting the development of the upcoming title. Aside from the sixth game installment, the game developer is also working on the second installment of its western-themed game, “Red Dead Redemption 2,” which has also been delayed to be released in the Spring of 2018 from its earlier schedule of Fall 2017.

These two upcoming titles are speculated to be interconnected in terms of release. Rockstar Games will have to release “Red Dead Redemption 2” first. Then the game developer will start working on the production of the sixth game installment of the highly successful series. With the success of the current titles, it is but practical on the part of Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games to savor the laurels of these two before releasing new titles.

Meanwhile, a resume of a “Grand Theft Auto 6” actor making rounds online has been recently confirmed as fake. In fact, the actor denied the resume. With many fans waiting for the release of the highly anticipated game, it is understandable that more fake news about the game will flood online.