Final Fantasy XV’s recently released multiplayer beta allows you to H&S (hack-and-slash) through a slew of brief quests. Aside from that, you can spend a lot of time creating your own avatar.

Character customization

The "FFXV" beta lets you fine tune every little thing, from lower jaw width to facial tattoos. As if that weren't enough, you can even pick a father and a mother for your character, which will look like a crossbreed of their faces. Additionally, different parts of the character's face and body are adjustable, and you can give them a tattoo.

Numerous other options are locked out. It's worth a thought why an open world action RPG (role-playing video game) such as "Final Fantasy XV" is getting a multiplayer DLC, especially as it released just nine months ago.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier hazards a guess that the game publisher Square Enix could be gearing up to introduce some kind of cosmetic micro transactions as soon as this multiplayer mode rolls out, allowing players to spruce up their characters in even more ingenious ways.

"FFXV" continues to receive a lot of content since its launch in November 2016. One of the looming additions will see the multiplayer mode come to the title. The "Final Fantasy 15" multiplayer beta is scheduled to wrap up on Tuesday, August 8, and the burning question on everyone's mind is how exactly can they get their hands on the Comrades multiplayer beta?

How to download the 'FFXV' Comrades multiplayer beta?

In order to download the beta, it is imperative for you to have done a couple of things: Have the "Final Fantasy XV" Season Pass, and be a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold member.

Now, go to the platform store and type in "Comrades" in the search option. The beta will show up as the only choice, so follow the link to the beta's page and click download.

The beta clocks in at a massive 13 GB, which implies it will take a while to download it. Once the download is completed, you are all set to delve into "Final Fantasy XV" Comrades multiplayer beta and battle a few monsters. In other words, Comrades marks the advent of the promised addition to the game. The beta version allows players to customize their very own avatar, and go toe-to-toe with monsters.

It also lets them collaborate with other players and friends.

Combat in the fifteenth main installment in the "Final Fantasy" franchise is still good. There aren't too many video games out there that allow you to adjust your character's lower jaw width, after all.