The long standing problems with the Nintendo Switch continues its saga after the company failed to make a significant promise that units would be ample during the holiday season. According to Fortune, the gaming platform has been hard to find in the US and Japan for quite some time, making some believe that the company is deliberately holding back units to create an artificial demand for the product. Nintendo has since denied the allegations saying they are doing their best to deliver enough Switch to retails stores.

Gamestop's COO confirmed that even in the presence of enough stock, the Nintendo Switch is usually sold out in a matter days and retailers of the platforms are overcharging for them.

When Switch inventory arrives in retails stores, they are typically 20 percent higher in price when sold on eBay and Amazon from resellers. According to the Wall Street Journal, which is also featured on Fortune, the lack of stock could be related to the ongoing production of the iPhone 8.

Nintendo Switch games

Despite the news, game developers expressed their support for the platform at the same time hinting some versions of their hit games may be coming to the Nintendo Switch. In a recent report by Gamespot, Hajime Tabata of "Final Fantasy XV" said the pocket edition of the game could certainly be developed for the platform. He further teased that some of Square Enix's talents are excited to work on the said platform.

"Obviously we'd have to think about what the meaning and what the significance of bringing this to Switch would be. You know, whether people would want to play it and whether it would be the right thing to do for our team," he added. Capcom, on the other hand, said that it currently has no plans of updating the "Mega Man Legacy Collection 2" to the Nintendo Switch.

Nevertheless, Capcom Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya in an interview with TechnoBuffalo said the decision is applicable "for the moment."

Meanwhile, at least two games were confirmed to arrive on the Switch, mainly "Batman" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." The announcement was made on Nintendo's official twitter page. "Batman" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" are also available on other platforms like the Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, iOS, and Android.

The Switch's most popular game to date is "The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild."

Retail stores, price, and latest update

The Nintendo Switch is currently priced at $299.99, but for retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Gamestop, Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, the price could range from $377.99 to $399.99, but for the best deals, you can check with Best Buy and Toys R Us.