The “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” Closed Beta and plenty of lucky players get to test out the upcoming game. Unlike its previous installments, this game is actually much more hectic with its 3v3 battles and fast-paced combat. However, possibly the most confusing thing about the game is its convoluted UI (User Interface). There’s a lot to take in during battle, and the UI does a great job of providing too much information at once. With that being said, here’s a breakdown of the UI to help you get the hang of things.

Top left HUD

According to VG247, the top left portion of the UI features both of the team lives, summon meter, and game time.

To begin with, game lives are represented by the three-part red and blue bars. Each team only has three lives, meaning if your team gets three decapitations, it’s game over. On top and bottom of the team lives bar are the respective summon meters for each team. Fill them up and call forth your powerful mythical creatures to wreak havoc on the field. Finally, on the left side of both meters is the game time that slowly ticks down to zero.

Bottom UI

Moving on, we have the meters at the bottom on the left and right side of the screen. The first thing you should see is both team’s health which is something to keep an eye on if you’re planning for an HP attack. Your bravery stat is marked by the large numbers in the middle of the screen with your health bar located right under it.

Take note that if your bravery stat is glowing purple, it means that you can decapitate an enemy. The three spheres on the left represent the skills you can activate with the triangle button.

Other tidbits

The break bonus can be found on the top right of your screen. If you manage to “break” an enemy’s bravery with your X abilities, you will gain everything from the break bonus.

Directly below it is the Mini Map which should show the positions of both your teammates and your enemies on the field. The blue and red lines on your character mean someone is targeting you and even plans to attack you. If you have two or more lines, it’s probably best to call for backup so you don’t get teamed up on.

Finally, if you use the d-pad, you can bring up the quick chat feature which lets you inform your team about your next move.

If you plan on switching targets or taking down cores in “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT,” make sure to use this menu so your team coordination goes smoothly. “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s” closed beta is now live, with the official game launching early next year on January 30.