The “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” Closed Beta has just arrived, and a batch of lucky players get to test out the game before it launches next year. Unlike its previous counterparts, “NT” takes a unique spin on the combat by expanding it through 3v3 battles. Unfortunately, you can no longer customize your characters attacks and are only limited to one HP attack. However, the game compensates this with powerful summons and move sets. Those who are new to the spin-off series might find everything a little too hectic, so here are some tips to help players get started in the “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” closed beta.

Know the difference between Bravery and HP attacks

Like most “Final Fantasy” spin-offs, “NT” isn’t a conventional fighting game. Instead of long-stringed combos, the game presents two ways of attacking: Bravery and HP attacks. The former reduces your enemy’s Bravery points and not their overall health. This is mainly used to accumulate more points before dishing out a powerful HP attack. Keep in mind that the damage dealt by your HP attack reflects your current Bravery points. However, don’t wait for the perfect one-hit HP strike as these attacks are very slow. Mix up both skills to catch your foe off guard and keep them guessing.

Master the HUD

“NT” has the most convoluted user interface from the three entries in the series because of the 3v3 battle system.

New and even returning players will have a hard time wrapping their head around what each symbol means. However, the key to winning battles is actually through making sense of every number, bar, and mini-map. Brush up on all the meanings behind the clunky UI to get a good grasp of the flow of battle, like when to summon or use your EX-skills.

It might take some time to getting used to, but it’s definitely worth it.

Don’t stick to the basics

As previously stated, “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” has both Bravery and HP attacks. However, the game offers so much more skills to make use of. Make use of your summons if you’re in a pinch as they can easily turn the tides of battle with their powerful moves.

Similarly, make use of your EX-skills as they can make a major difference in battle. Learn which skills you want to use and compensate for the holes in your team’s defense. Characters like Y’shtola have some really useful EX skill usage, so that’s something to take note of. The “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” beta is now live, with the full game releasing early next year on January 30.