Studio Ghibli introduced a No Face soy sauce bottle and rice scoop as new merchandises of the hit movie “Spirited Away." Buyers can use it for displays or as kitchen utensils.

Useful No face utensils for kitchen

The No Face soy sauce bottle poured out its content through its hand mimicking the movie character’s body language when offering gold coins to Chihiro. The charming yet creepy merchandise was not designed to serve the soy sauce through the spirit’s mouth.

No Face also appeared in an 800-yen rice scoop, Rocketnews reported. The famous supporting character’s face is on the self-standing scoop.

Aside from Studio Ghibli’s soy sauce bottle and rice scoop, a No Face chopstick rest will be purchasable. A chopstick rest version of two “Spirited Away” characters: Otori-sama and Boh in his mouse transformation will also be available.

The Hanayo Miyazaki’s film “Spirited Away” focused on Chihiro Ogino. She was traveling with her parents when her father dragged them into a magical world.

While Chihiro's parents were eating like a pig in a restaurant, Chihiro explored the area and found an elegant bath house. A boy named Haku then appeared and ushered Chihiro to leave the place before sunset.

The girl took Haku’s advice and immediately ran to her parents. However, Chihiro’s parents had already turned into pigs when she got back.

The ten-year-old girl also failed to cross the river before sunset and became trapped in the spirit world.

Haku invited Chihiro to work in the bathhouse. Chihiro accepted the offer and signed the contract Yubaba presented to her. The witch then asked the girl to change her name to Sen.

Meeting No Face on her way to the bathhouse, she invited the creature believing that the spirit is a customer.

After Sen cleaned No Face, the spirit gave her a magic dumpling.

No Face's popularity does not only inspire merchandises

The supporting character No Face has become very popular. No Face’s popularity is not only because of its significance in the movie but also because of his unusual appearance. No Face has a long black transparent body and has a white mask on his face.

A two-year-old girl even cosplayed the character for a kindergarten Halloween party. Momo Lu’s No Face cosplay went viral as photos of her were uploaded to social media, Buzzfeed reported.

Momo’s mother Elmo Chen asked her what she wanted to wear for her costume party. The child said she liked to dress up as No Face from “Spirited Away." When Momo went to the Halloween party as one of Studio Ghibli’s influential characters, some kids got scared and cried.