"Destiny 2's" release date is just around the corner and a lot has been teased about the upcoming multiplayer shooter. Earlier reports suggest that there will be Locked loadouts in some of the game's activities which are something that Bungie has immediately debunked.

Locked loadouts explained

Reports about the locked loadouts surfaced as one of the developers over at Bungie was quoted about it in an interview. Turns out, there was a bit of misunderstanding as it was doused by "Destiny 2's" Game Director Luke Smith.

Smith took to Twitter to clarify this miscommunication.

He stated that Raids in "Destiny 2" won't have locked loadouts. He added that he does not want players quitting in the middle of a Raid just to equip and rejoin again. So far, the only known event in the game that will have a locked loadout is the Nightfall Strike, not to mention the rumored inclusion of a timer on the game mode.

Midnight Coup

Smith also mentioned in the tweet a so-called "Midnight Coup" that got fans musing about it. If rumors are anything to go by, it is believed that this could be a form of drop within the Raid event.

Game buffs even suggested that the game director might be referring to a weapon, an exotic, or a piece of armor.

Fans might notice a scene in "Destiny 2's" official launch trailer where a group of Guardians is running through the city in the middle of the night. Quite a number of fans believe that this could be the Midnight Coup Smith is referring to in his tweet.

30 fps vs 60 fps

Meanwhile, Bungie has confirmed that "Destiny 2" will be running at 30 fps on all home consoles including the inbound Xbox One X. The developer also highlighted that the game can also run at 60 fps, though there's a catch. Bungie's Mark Noseworth explained that in order for the game to run at that frame rate, the game needs to have lesser co-op opportunities, a smaller play space, and fewer enemies to shoot.

Microsoft Gaming Division's Corporate Vice-President Mike Ybarra, on the other hand, revealed that they already reached out to game developers as they provided information about their upcoming console – the Xbox One X. However, "Destiny 2" is currently not on the list of games that need to be enhanced for Microsoft's upcoming game console, though Ybarra mentioned that they already talked to Bungie about their multiplayer shooter.

"Destiny 2" is slated to be released on September 6. Check out a video about the game here: