Funcom's "Conan Exiles" nudity scenes will not be shown in the United States because of censorship. According to the latest reports, game rating in the region differs from the others and that's why only partial nudity will be seen in the game. According to the latest reports, the open world survival game will not feature frontal nudity and when it arrives on the Xbox One console, characters will be noticeably covered up.

ESRB rating of the game

Eurogamer reported that the apparent cover up of frontal nudity in the game is brought by the United States' strict ESRB rating.

The developer of the game is forced to include underpants for the characters in order to pass the rating. The ESRB awarded the game with M (Mature) content, hence the absence of full frontal nudity. However, Europe's PEGI rated "Conan Exiles" as 18 and above, meaning the nudity scenes will be available when it arrives in the region.

In a video stream from community manager Jens Erik, he said "The reason for this is if we included full nudity in "Conan Exiles," this would have resulted in a more restrictive ESRB rating in North America which then might have prevented a broad release of the game." It's not a secret that one of the attractions of "Conan Exiles" is the nudity itself. Interestingly, there is also an "endowment slider," which ultimately gives the player the option to change the size of character's private parts.

Limitations of the Conan Exiles nudity scenes

However, the partial nudity that is being discussed will still allow the women character's top body to be exposed, but not the lower part. All aspects of the game will remain the same and its version will not be altered in each region except where the censorship is concerned. "Conan Exiles" arrive today on the Xbox One and PC platform alongside with the game's first expansion entitled "The Frozen North." This new expansion is expected to feature another 70 percent landmass to the game.

The first ever live gameplay of the "Conan Exiles" lasts for about one hour and fourteen minutes wherein, players will be able to learn some of the techniques on how to play the game. The gameplay is currently available on YouTube, under Funcom's official channel. Additionally, players will be able to get an idea on the pros and cons in the game by reading the fans' comments about the video.

Designed by Lawrence Poe, "Conan Exiles" will be available on the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4 platforms.