Supercell’s highly addictive game, “clash royale,” is about to receive a balancing update on Aug.11. The update will either buff or nerf some of the most used cards in the game such as the Battle Ram, Graveyard, X-Bow, and Mortar. Some of the latest cards will also receive changes like the Night Witch, Heal and Bats, just to name a few.

Players will need to change their strategies to adapt their game play in order to win battles. Here are the changes that players should expect to arrive this week.

Changes to the Night Witch, Battle Ram, and Graveyard

Perhaps the card that will receive the biggest adjustment is the Night Witch. The card’s range will be reduced by 11%, while the damage becomes 9% less powerful than before. The Night Witch’s death will also spawn two bats instead of three, while her time of spawning bats has been increased to seven seconds from only just six.

Meanwhile, the Battle Ram will take more time to begin its charge while the Barbarians will spawn much slower than before. This means that it will take four tiles before the card starts to charge instead of three and it will take one full second for the Barbarians to deploy after its ram has been destroyed instead of 0.8 seconds.

The Graveyard will now only spawn 15 skeletons instead of 17, which could make a drastic change on how much damage it can inflict. The deploy time has also been reduced to nine seconds.

Siege decks like the X-Box and Mortar

There’s good news for those who prefer to use X-Bow and Mortar.

The X-Box will now deploy half a second faster than before, from four seconds to just 3.5 seconds.

The Mortar will also receive similar changes in the upcoming update. In other words, these siege decks are a lot closer to its initial deploy time of three seconds when “Clash Royale” was launched in 2016.

What about other decks in the game?

Quite a few more cards will also receive changes.

For instance, the Heal card will only heal troops for 2.5 seconds from three.

The Electro Wizard’s hit points have been reduced by 2%. The Mini PEKKA will now inflict 4.6% higher damage. The Bats number has been increased to five bats instead of four.

The Ice Wizard will become stronger with additional 10% damage, which means it can kill Skeletons and Bats with just one hit. Lastly, the Dark Prince’s damage has been increased by 6%. This means that it can now handle Musketeers much easier than before while its hit speed has been reduced to 1.4 seconds from 1.5.