Supercell celebrates the clash of clans fifth anniversary with a big bang featuring the battle ram, the first troop out of four units coming in a series of special slated in-game events. The development team also dropped a new teaser clip hinting the possible builder hut upgrades in the next update.

New Clashiversary event challenge

The celebration of the fifth anniversary of “Clash of Clans” takes off with the new Battle Ram challenge. This new troop that is now temporarily available in the game from another popular Supercell franchise, “Clash Royale.”

The Battle Ram enables players to launch one powerful attack but it spawns a set of four level one barbarians at a single target.

Since this unit is only temporary, gamers cannot make an upgrade for in the lab.

The latest temporary unit has 222 Damage, 174 HP, 250 Elixir Cost, four spawned units, 60-second training time with any target on the grounds. It also has a single target with five housing space and 32 movement speed.

This troop only costs less Elixir and will be available up to August 11. This particular event challenge offers players their chance to gain 500 experience and 250 gems upon 10 battle victory with a minimum of three Battle Ram troops used.

Other than spawning four level one barbarians, the Battle Ram can be used as a defense to Mortars and this is much so since the splash damage from its first hit will destroy the Battle Ram but not the four barbarians with it.

Builder's hut upgrades

Supercell recently released the “Bye Bye Builder” teaser clip showing the loyal but tiresome builder who needed to go for a vacation. The Battle Ram is the first to wear the Builder’s hat and take his place in the game. The teaser video is shown below.

According to the recent leaks circulating online, the giants will take over for the role of the builder from the barbarians.

The Builder’s Hut will spawn defensive giants, then the Witch will create the shrink taps while the Wizard will formulate a birthday boom spell that will work for a short period of time.

It looks like Supercell itself dropped the clue regarding the possible changes to the Builder’s Hut that was seen in the new image. This structure is one of the few buildings not upgradable.

So, it sounds plausible that the team is looking into it as part of its next update. It could be nice surprise offering in celebrating five years of immense success after "Clash of Clans" first launched on iOS platforms in 2012.