BioWare has just released a brand new update for their somewhat troubled action role-playing video game, "Mass Effect: Andromeda." The Patch is, of course, one of many updates that the developer has had to release following the catastrophic failure of the game's original PC version. However, unlike the previous updates that completely changes the game's graphics and fixes several big issues, the upcoming patch, update 1.07, merely contains some minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Minor game update

According to the game's producer, Michael Gamble, the new patch is "just a hotfix" that is aimed at fixing some reported crashes within the game.

The patch should now be available for all versions of the game, namely for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Those that are encountering problems with the update download can just log on and off of Origin. Another solution would be to just restart Origin altogether.

The update includes a fix for the crash during the "SOS" quest and the problems encountered by some players with the 1080p UI placement. Additionally, Gamble explained that athletic outfits should now be made available mid-playthrough, as they were intended to be.

Swept under the rug

Despite the game's PC version getting an immensely negative reaction from fans, BioWare has decided that it would still be supporting the game with regular updates and fixes to address different problems as they arise.

The controversial game got a lot of flak from fans, with some claiming that the game was released even though it was incomplete.

Effects on the company

Previous reports had claimed that due to the mixed reactions, BioWare was putting the "Mass Effect" franchise on hold for the time being. There were even reports that the studio was downsizing its staff and reshuffling others to different projects.

However, EA debunked the claims and mentioned that there wasn't any downsizing and that they were just transferring some developers to a brand new project that is scheduled to come out next year.

As for the new project, which has reportedly been delayed, EA CEO, Andrew Wilson confirmed in an earnings call that the new IP's development is going smoothly despite the rumors.

Wilson also clarified that the mixed reaction to "Mass Effect: Andromeda" had nothing to do with their decision to delay the release of the new IP from its originally planned March 2018 release date.