Electronic Arts (EA) will launch a new edition in its first-person shooter video game, “Battlefield 1.” The game’s new edition has been spotted on Amazon’s French website, and it will be called “Battlefield 1 Revolution.” The Revolution edition is listed with a €59.99 ($70) price tag and an August 22 release date.

‘Battlefield 1’ expansions

The Revolution edition of “Battlefield 1” will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The new edition will come along with the “Battlefield 1” Premium Pass, which will arrive with all four expansion.

So far, the video game company has only launched one of the four expansions, dubbed as They Shall Not Pass, while the second expansion, which is called the Name of the Tsar, will be available in September. However, They Shall Not Pass expansion adds four new maps, a new faction, a new multiplayer game mode, as well as the French Army.

According to Dual Shockers, the Name of the Tsar expansion will feature Russian’s 1st Women’s Battalion of Death as well as the Russian Army. Meanwhile, the third (Turning Tides) and fourth (Apocalypse) expansions don’t have release dates yet.

However, the Revolution edition seems to be the complete version of “Battlefield 1.” Game Zone reported that the Premium Pass inclusion would allow players to access 20 new weapons, 14 exclusive Battlepacks, 14 unique dog tags and 16 new multiplayer maps.

Nonetheless, during the financial conference call of the company, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the studio would be launching the best game experience of “Battlefield 1” during Gamescom 2017, which will transpire at Cologne, Germany, and runs from August 22 through August 26. The Amazon France web page's August 22 release date coincides with the video game company’s presentation at the event.

New competitive mode

Electronic Arts is also expected to announce the game’s new competitive mode during its presentation. The new mode would be the firm’s way of making the first-person shooter video game accessible to eSports players. However, the Gamescom 2017 presentation of Electronic Arts will be live streamed via the studio’s YouTube, Facebook pages and Twitch, which is similar to EA’s presentation during E3 2017.

In spite of that, the video game company made it known in a financial report that its first-person shooter video game surpassed 21 million gamers. That's an increase around 2 million, as the firm reported 19 million gamers back in May. However, the company hopes to transform the video game into a content-rich live service.