When it comes to one of the most popular genres of games, Racing Games certainly can be considered as one of them. Racing games have been there for a fair bit of time. Some of them got really popular among the gamers and have reached millions of active users. Today we shall have a look at the top 5 best racing games of all time.

Road Rash

If you are 90s kid, and if you have played racing games back in that time, then you probably remember Road Rash. The game was released back in 199. The game didn't represent very high graphics which is kind of acceptable back in the days of 1991.

However, the gameplay of Road Rash was really solid and it drew a lot of people around the world to the racing genre. You can still have a look at Road Rash, and it still can be an exciting game even in this era.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

After racing with bikes, now we are switching to the racing with cars. Just like the Road Rash, Need for Speed, Most Wanted was also released by the Electronics Arts back in the year of 2005. In that time, it was one of the most popular racing games. In fact, the game became so popular, EA launched a refurbished version of the game in 2012. The main attraction of Need for Speed Most Wanted is its story and gameplay.

Formula 1 2016

If you love motor sports, then you should be aware of the Formula 1 series.

Formula 1 is actually a real world based racing action. It is really popular among millions of people all across the globe. Therefore, there are various countries all across the globe take participation in the Formula 1. Formula 1 2016 is exactly based on the real life Formula 1 sports. The Formula 1 2016 will give you a real life feeling and at the same time, the gameplay and graphics of the game are excellent.

A player can also play the game in the career mode as well. Therefore, apart from playing as your favourite Formula 1 star, you can have a progress in the game in the career mode too.

Moto GP 2017

Just like the Formula 1 2016, Moto GP 2017 is another real world based motor sports game. Moto GP 2017 was launched in this June.

Instead of racing with Formula 1 cars, Moto GP is based on sporting bikes. If you like moto sporting games then you can definitely try out Moto GP 2017.

Project Cars

When it comes to the modern day car racing games, Project Cars surely can be considered as one of them. The game was released in the year of 2015. Project Cars can give an excellent experience while racing with other cars throughout the city.