Battlefield 1” will have a new content very soon. EA confirmed the DLC will come out in Gamescom next month. The developer also teased they are preparing to launch “Battlefield 2” in 2019.

“Battlefield 1” new content features

The new content coming to “Battlefield 1” is expected to deliver a higher level of gaming experience. EA CEO Andrew Wilson brags that the new content is designed to bring the “richest” kind of the franchise.

Wilson made the announcement at the Question And Answer portion of the company’s investor call. He also gave out more teasers about the upcoming DLC.

According to Wilson, the new content will feature new modes and maps. He detailed that the upgrade will be in eSports mode.

The EA boss also mentioned that it will have challenges where fighters can participate in competitive matches. In addition, he also stated that it will allow gamers to battle with up to 64 players, IGN has noted.

Furthermore, Wilson also revealed that they have scheduled to introduce the new content at Gamescom. The millions of fans of the franchise will just have to wait a few days to receive the DLC.

More updates and future plans from EA

It seems that the odds are all in favor of EA. The game developer released yesterday a copy of the first quarter financial report and it looks very impressive.

On the official website of the developer, the financial report shows that the company had a favorable quarter. The CEO mentioned that their famous video games like “Battlefield,” “The Sims” and “Star Wars” are pushing a higher momentum.

Moreover, Wilson even teased that they are now gearing towards a “year of tremendous innovation.” Apparently, EA is preparing to launch extraordinary new games.

The company is indeed celebrating a favorable quarter as EA proudly took to its official Twitter account an update on the current number of the “Battlefield 1” community. The company tweeted that they already have surpassed the 21 million mark.

In the tweet, the developer also specified that the more than 21 million figure represents the unique players of “Battlefield 1.” This means a new milestone is indeed worth celebrating for!

EA teased the second installment of Battlefield

Meanwhile, the more than 21 million players of “Battlefield 1” will surely be elated with this new announcement from EA. At the question and answer portion in the investor call, Wilson also revealed that they are now working on launching the second installment of the franchise. The “Battlefield 2” is planned to make its grand debut in the financial year 2019 (October 2018 to September 2019), the Finder has noted.