Game developer Gust has recently revealed new information about their Upcoming video game, “Atelier Lydie and Souer.” This will be the latest video game for the “Atelier” series.

Story details

The story is focused on twin girls that live in a small atelier in the capital of the Adallet Kingdom, Melveille. These girls are growing up to become great alchemists and they are helping their father. They want to make their own studio and make it the best in the country.

While living their lives regularly in their atelier, the twins find a painting that depicts a world that looked like a strange dream.

It had different kinds of materials that they have not seen before and it piqued their interest. This painting will be the key to making their dreams a reality.

First twin: Lydie Maaren

Lydie Maaren is the first of the twin girls to be introduced by Gust. She has a friendly character and very gentle with her companions. She also loves to go at her own pace without letting anyone dictate what she does.

While she does not do well in sports, she does love to study. She also has a unique artistic sense that makes her creations unique and interesting.

Second twin: Soeur Maaren

The second twin girl is Soeur Maaren who likes to be rough with her tomboyish behavior. She is also very mischievous when it comes to her friends and family.

Behind that behavior is a genius when it comes to art, but she gets scared quickly and she does not like insects at all.

The dreamy painting world

After the twin girls found the weird and interesting painting, they did some investigation. Accidentally, they were transported inside its world and they find themselves in the middle of a flower field.

They also see some floating islands and decide to investigate the world together to find some unique ingredients.

The two girls in "Atelier Lydie and Soeur" finally found a way to get out of the painting with their special ingredients. They make new concoctions from those ingredients and started to respond to the requests of the citizens in the capital.

If players will be able to increase the rank of the twin’s atelier, they will be able to unlock new magical paintings.

Details on special edition and early purchase bonuses

Gust also revealed two special editions that will be released in Japan. These special editions are the Premium Box and the 20th Anniversary Box.

The Premium Box for “Atelier Lydie and Soeur” will include several premium items like the extra tracks CD, the Voice CD, an art book, three mini clear postcards, DLC codes, and a cloth poster. The 20th Anniversary Box will have all of the items from the first special edition, a cool crystal paper weight, and the “Atelier Sophie” and “Atelier Firis” art book.

Check out the "Atelier Lydie and Soeur" video here: