The “Star Wars” game being developed by the folks at Visceral Games and helmed by former Naughty Dog writer Amy Hennig was one of the titles that were sadly not shown off at E3. Little is known about the title, and yet a recent leak has sent fans into a frenzy, revealing important information that fans may want to take note of.

‘Star Wars’ spoilers ahead

Following the game’s absence at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, fans took to Twitter to question Hennig, regarding the no-show moved they’ve pulled off. She was kind enough to reply to some fans, saying they didn’t want to spoil “Battlefront II,” which had been the star of the recent gaming expo.

Electronic Arts has kept tight-lipped regarding the game’s narrative thus far, but rumors suggest Visceral’s story may take place between the events of the original “Star Wars” film and “The Empire Strikes Back.” Fan site Making Star Wars said that Todd Stashwick, who is co-writing the game alongside Hennig, will be playing a character called Dodger.

Dodger, according to the article, has avoided the draft into the Imperial army and fled his home world of Alderaan. Upon its destruction, he becomes a part of the Empire’s wanted “survivors list.” He ends up doing work for Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt criminal underground and saves enough money to buy his way off the list. However, he learns about the Empire’s evil plans, causing him to go back and face his past.

‘Project Ragtag’

The new “Star Wars” game is codenamed “Project Ragtag,” and its main gameplay mechanic is a grapple Dodger can perform with a whip. One move is described as ensnaring enemies with the left hand using the whip/lasso, and finishing them off with a blaster in his right hand. There are different variations of weapons, according to the site, with some coming later as DLC.

The website hints at having more information to come and seem to be implying that Dodger will somehow become aware of the second Death Star’s construction and feel compelled to help.

It goes without saying that the “leak” should be taken with a grain of salt, as none of it has been confirmed by either EA and Visceral Games. Nor have Hennig orStashwick made any statements either.

The upcoming title by Visceral Games was first confirmed last year. A “Star Wars” game by Respawn Entertainment is also in the pipeline, which is also something worth looking forward to. Although for now, fans ought to keep themselves busy with “Battlefront 2,” and its upcoming DLCs, reportedly for free.