The Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Classic Edition (Snes) has been anticipated by many, and when Walmart made pre ordering available in their online store, you can imagine the number of people cramming to register. But it was a short lived excitement after the giant retail store retracted, leaving confused fans asking what happened to their orders. The SNES, a micro console from Nintendo is being sold at a very limited number and for Walmart to cancel; it's like an unforgivable mistake to hardcore fans of the platform.

It had taken a while before Walmart released an official announcement about the canceled pre orders.

Sent to every single person who pre ordered the SNES, the store said it was put up on their online store by mistake, apparently brought by a glitch in their system. A technical problem that instantly put the store in the limelight in a way they never wanted to be. The store apologized for making such offer before the actual release of the SNES console. They sympathized to the fans who were deeply disappointed by the cancellation.

SNES Classic Edition official release date

Meanwhile, Walmart assured fans that if they ordered using their credit cards, they have not been charged and for those who used gift cards or paid through Paypal, they will be refunded immediately after their orders are canceled.

The letter of apology also revealed the official release date of the SNES - Classic Edition, which is on September 29, 2017. Fans were encouraged to check on the store's website for the latest news and update about the units.

According to TheVerge, some of the fans including game journalists who pre ordered the unit took to twitter their disappointment on the canceled orders.

Unfortunately for the fans, it took almost a week to finally get an official answer from the giant store amid rumors that it has already been canceled. Target, on the other hand, said that they would release Pre Order details of the units at a later date.

Classic Edition price and shipping details

In similar news, Nintendo, on the other hand, formally opened pre orders in Amazon UK.

The SNES - Classic Edition is currently priced at £79.99 ($101.76). Because they are limited, the product is being sold at one piece per account. Unfortunately, they currently don't ship to the US. For US customers who wish to get the unit, they must provide a legitimate UK address to ship the SNES and mail it to them overseas; the most viable option for them at the moment.