"Undertale" made millions of fans cry because of its outstanding story in a pixelated game. In addition, the simple yet heartwarming story touched the hearts of both men and women. They knew and were introduced to the characters, each with different and unique personalities. After that, the story that wove together the whole message made this game amazing. Recently, the developer, Toby Fox announced that the said game will be coming to the Playstation 4 and PS Vita console.

There will be physical copies of the game along with a collector's edition bundle.

First, the two standard copies contain the standalone game. On the other hand, the collector's edition contains a locket with a tiny music box inside, a collector's edition soundtrack, and the copy of the game on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, or PC. Fangamer will be producing these copies in September and are available for pre-order now, Gematsu reports.

Dynamic theme

Just like other games that offer dynamic themes, Undertale follows the tradition. There is a dynamic theme that is available for those who pre-order the said game. Here is the video that presents the overview of the theme, created by Truant Pixel, art by Merrigo, and music by Toby Fox. Of course, Toby helped in the designing process. Here is the YouTube video via PlayStation.

Even though the physical versions made by Fangamer.com is available for pre-orders now, the digital version is available for download through PlayStation Network (PSN).

Beautifully made locket

The music-box locket is the exclusive item that fans can have in the Collector's edition. The locket contains a special music that is familiar throughout the game.

The most similar music is "Memory," composed by Toby Fox himself. Here are the other benefits:

  • It is a cross-buy for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita
  • Undertale soundtracks include a cover art by a fan artist named Cocoa Art and PS4 theme background music is also added
  • A 24-page booklet made by Temmie Chang featuring a re-illustration of the opening sequence
  • Reversible booklet cover
  • The aforementioned locket comes with a built-in music box, which Toby Fox even said was a pain to make because it comes out as off-tune
  • Sheet music booklet that contains six songs with annotations from Toby himself

Pre-orders are now available at Fangamer.com and the PC version of the game is available via Steam. Here, have some butterscotch pie!