The PSP was a solid handheld that became quite popular during its lifespan. The unit was something of a breakthrough in modern gaming and was also a great addition to the Sony systems. Many fans loved being able to play powerful games (during its time) at the palm of their hands, which was one of its major selling points. Plenty of fun titles were added to the PSP and it had an exceptional number of RPGs as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best RPGs that were brought over to the PSP.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The long-awaited prequel to “Final Fantasy VII” arrived on the PSP and became one of the most popular games on the system.

Here, you play the role of greenhorn Shinra SOLDIER Zack Fair who gets caught up in a web of conspiracies and lies from the company he works for. Along the way, he meets some familiar and popular character from the “Final Fantasy” franchise like Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and even Sephiroth before he lost his mind. “Crisis Core” is also an action role-playing game which dumps the traditional turn-based battle system for something more fast-paced. Despite this, the game still contains important features from “Final Fantasy VII” like materia.

Persona 3 Portable

Another popular JRPG, “Persona 3” was ported over to the PSP with some new features, although removing the CG models during the protagonist’s free time.

The remake contains the original full game without the Fes expansion and also adds the ability to play the game as a female protagonist. Since “P3P” lacked the traditional cutscene, the game has a visual-novel aesthetic to it. “Persona 3 Portable” is still about a group of students who form a group called SEES and investigate the mysterious Midnight Hour while having the ability call forth their power known as “Personas” which help them fight creatures called Shadows.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

“The Legend of Heroes” series is a bit underrated compared to the other two games listed above. If you’re looking for a traditional RPG experience on the PSP, look no further as “Trails in the Sky” is pretty much the essence of what an RPG is. Here, you’ll take the role of Estelle and Joshua, two junior Bracers who are still trying to find their way in the world.

After a series of events, the two set off on their own adventure to seek their father who has gone missing. Gameplay-wise, you control a party of four characters that each have their own set of skills. Enemies roam around the fields are coming into contact with them will trigger a battle which is done through the traditional turn-based combat system.