Maxis confirmed that “The Sims 4 Xbox One and PS4 edition will be getting a free holiday pack at launch along with the base game. The Sims team also said that there are no plans to release on Nintendo Switch at this time.

Free holiday pack

In a recent Q&A with the Sims team, Michael Duke was also known as SimGuruDuke confirmed that “The Sims 4” on Xbox One and PS4 will be getting a free holiday pack together with the main game at launch on Nov. 17.

He added that the team would also provide support cheats, although, a lot of cheats will disable trophies and achievements.

No plans for Switch version

Fans were hyped when a leak first revealed that the current title of the life simulation game series would be released on Xbox One. But since there was no mention of an exclusivity clause, many have guessed that it is also coming to PlayStation 4.

A few days later, Electronic Arts confirmed the leak with the news that the game will be ported to Xbox One and PS4. Obviously, Nintendo Switch was not in the picture, but Switch users are still curious if there is any chance that it will arrive on Nintendo’s latest console.

SimGuruDrake replied that there are no current plans to port the game on Switch at this time.

But anything is possible under the sun, isn't it?

And the proven success of Nintendo’s latest console regarding unit sales could pave the way for a possible release of “The Sims 4” Switch version shortly.

Right now, an outside team has been tasked to port the game to the current-gen consoles. It happens that the Switch has a different setup than Xbox One and PS4, so it’s possible that the development is set aside at a future date – who knows, right?

Price and pre-order

The Xbox One and PS4 versions will be offered with a few choices for a pre-order. Gamers can choose to buy the main game (Standard Edition) that is bundled with Perfect Patio pack for a price of £44.99 or around $58.82 in USD.

The Deluxe Party Edition is also available at £54.99 or $71.89 USD. This bundle is packed with the main game plus four DLC packs.

EA and Maxis said that the consoles edition will be complete with the addition of all the DLC packs available in the PC version post-launch. "The Sims 4" has been playable on PC, Linux, and Mac since 2014 and seemingly, the release of the game on Xbox One and PS4 is long overdue.

"The Sims 4" has been available on PC since 2014 and seemingly, the Xbox One and PS4 is long overdue. The last time that a Sims title saw its release on consoles was the release of "The Sims 3: Pets" in 2011.