Nintendo has their fingers in every corner of gaming today. They are pushing the envelope with their Switch hybrid game system. They are making further inroads to mobile gaming with their Niantic Labs collaboration on “Pokémon Go.” Finally, the company is also catering to the nostalgia of their longtime fans with their Classic Mini console emulators.

Such is the fascination with these retro systems that Nintendo fans were put off by the limited run of the NES Classic, and are now looking forward to the SNES version. Speaking of the latter, Walmart had made the SNES Classic Mini available for pre-orders rather early.

It was actually a mistake and the pre-orders are now being canceled, to customers’ dismay.

System glitch

Last week, Walmart caught the attention of classing gaming aficionados by making available the up-and-coming Nintendo SNES Classic Mini emulation console for pre-ordering. That made them the first retailer to do so for the highly-coveted piece of retro gaming. It had seemed too good to be true; and after so many nostalgic Nintendo fans decided to make their pre-orders with Walmart, it turned out that indeed, it was a mistake. The retailer has begun to cancel the premature pre-orders.

Needless to say, a lot of people are feeling anywhere from being disappointed to being outright angry with Walmart right now.

Apparently, there had been a glitch in the pre-ordering system used by the major retailer. The SNES Classic Mini had simply been added to the list but no pre-ordering has been okayed yet. The system error put the retro Nintendo console on the available pre-order list last Friday, July 21. Officially the SNES Classic will be released in late September, and a Walmart representative has stated that the actual pre-ordering will be allowed again sometime at a later date.

Hot Commodity

The SNES Classic Mini is the successor of sorts to Nintendo’s first attempt at bringing back their best retro gaming experience, the NES Classic. While its predecessor has already been discontinued, the SNES version is being waited for by retro gaming followers with a near-rabid fanaticism.

Already the console has been made available for pre-order at just one area outside North America, at Amazon UK. Walmart’s flub has only made US Nintendo fans increasingly frustrated for real news.

Having been priced at $80 – twenty dollars more than its NES counterpart – the SNES Classic Mini contains 21 of the best Nintendo titles from that period, the exact games slightly differing according to the region (US, Japan). It will hit stores for real on September 29. Nintendo is securing the retro market as best it can, before other brands like Atari could muscle in.