The next downloadable content (DLC) character that will be coming for Bandai Namco Entertainment's recently released fighting video game "Tekken 7" has just been revealed. This time around, the character is not an old fighter from the franchise itself but is, instead, a popular character from SNK's "Fatal Fury" and "King of Fighters" franchises. The DLC character has been revealed to be the main antagonist of the main "Fatal Fury" series, Geese Howard.

A returning icon

Geese is perhaps one of the most iconic characters that have come out from the entire "Fatal Fury" franchise.

He first made his debut in SNK's 1991 fighting title, "Fatal Fury: King of Fighters." Geese later appeared in several other sequels, including being the secondary villain in the "Art of Fighting" series. He also became the antagonist in "The King of Fighters" Neowave. Based on what has been revealed, Geese looks like he intends to be another villain in the "Tekken" universe with the sole purpose of killing Heihachi Mishima and taking over his empire.

Unique player

Unlike the other fighters within the game, Geese sports a unique fighting style via his use of an ancient martial arts technique that utilizes chi, which he learned from the Hakkyokuseiken school. Some of his attacks and punches do resemble that of Heihachi's moves, but Geese augments this with powerful chi-based techniques.

Bandai has managed to port over some of his more iconic moves from the "Fatal Fury" games, which includes his Energy Projectile attacks called the Reppuuken. Geese is also able to fire off two of these attacks at the same time. Additionally, his Energy Geyser attack from the original games, called the Raging Storm, has also been included.

A tricky opponent

Based on the reveal trailer for Geese Howard posted above, the character is able to initiate different defense and counter moves. When a player times it just right, Geese is able to deflect any attack, which he then follows up with a throw. This could become quite annoying in the hands of a veteran player as it basically renders him invincible to initial combo hits.

The upcoming DLC character is scheduled to be released sometime this winter. Geese will be part of the game's second batch of DLC content. Meanwhile, "Tekken 7" players can look forward to the game's upcoming DLC, which includes the "Tekken Bowl" minigame and a number of new costumes, slated to arrive next month.