With two beta tests already concluded, Capcom has now added yet another bonus with the upcoming major update to its highly popular fighting video game, "Street Fighter 5." According to the company's most recent announcement, players of the game will now be getting access to a remastered version of Vega's classic stage, called the Flamenco Tavern, which originally debuted in "Street Fighter 2." Additionally, Capcom also announced that the Thailand Stage would also be making a comeback when the update arrives on May 30.

Another remastered classic stage

Similar to the Thailand Stage, the Flamenco Tavern will be a fully remastered stage that was built from the ground up for the latest title. The stage itself will be staying faithful to the classic area featured in "Street Fighter 2." Interestingly enough, Vega can still climb the chain-link cage and perform his aerial attack. This could be quite an interesting feature as there is a big possibility that this ability may be spammed during ranked matches.

Controversial removal

Aside from Vega's cage fighting stage, players will also now be able to purchase the Thailand Stage once again.

M. Bison and Sagat's remastered stage was previously removed due to "unintentional religious references" that was embedded within the area's background music.

Capcom previously included an Islamic prayer with clear Arabic lyrics playing in the background of the mostly Buddhist-themed stage. This created quite a cultural issue, which prompted Capcom to remove the stage altogether.

The revamped arena now comes with a new background music that has been edited to contain no other Muslim references.

Major update contents

The upcoming "Street Fighter 5" update will also be introducing Ed, the latest Playable Character in the continually growing roster. The Capcom Fighters Network will also be getting a significant revamp starting next week.

The changes will include not only aesthetic enhancements to the user interface but also several tweaks to the game's rage quit penalty system.

Load times for the CFN will also reportedly be significantly reduced. Matchmaking and friend management systems will also be getting enhancements as well. Players who will log into the CFN after the update arrives will be getting free 50,000 Fight Money.

The new Vega Stage will be available to purchase for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money. This also goes the same with the newly edited Thailand Stage. Meanwhile, players who want to try out the newest character will be able to purchase him for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money.