Square Enix planned numerous updates the previous months. Last March, players got a taste of Gladiolus, one of the supporting characters and companion of the protagonist Noctis. The update and side story was entitled Episode: Gladiolus. Following Gladiolus's story, the second update is focused on Prompto. The side story is entitled Episode: Prompto. In addition, minor updates include bug fixes, Regalia customization options at the Hammerhead, and much more. While Square Enix is punctual in terms of updates and downloadable contents, one update got delayed last February 21.

Magitek Exosuits and Power Rangers

This update was the Booster Pack that contains the "Magitek Exosuits." In other words, these are the suits for Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis that grants them invincibility for a certain amount of time. It is then revealed further by Square Enix that the suits grant invincibility for 30 minutes in the game. The Magitek Exosuits are useful additions to change tides in battle. Moreover, this is useful in boss battles or strong enemies that contain special loot.

The design of the talked about suits was the reason for the delay. According to sources, the publisher of power rangers pointed out that the suit design was surprisingly similar to the suits of the popular title.

Thus, the update was delayed.

Earlier this 1 PM JST, the official Twitter page of Final Fantasy XV posted an announcement. The said suits will be released this month as a free update. This talked about the said invincibility suit and its release date this month (July). The post can be viewed below via Twitter:

Duration of the suits

The Magitek Exosuits boost the fishing skill of Noctis as well as become invincible for 30 minutes in the game.

When the duration reaches an expiration, it cannot be used after 24 hours, approximately one day. This is the reason why players should think twice before using these suits and must use this only in critical times.

Future updates

It is only a matter of time until another update will be revealed just like the others. Director Hajime Tabata is hard at work to experiment some things until he comes up with a strong conclusion, which leads to the aforementioned updates.

For more information, it is recommended that players and fans should visit the Final Fantasy XV official website to get the latest announcements on events and future updates such as another side story that focuses on Ignis.

Final Fantasy XV is out now on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.