“Five Nights at Freddy’s” creator Scott Cawthon had previously planned to release the sixth installment though those have now been temporarily abandoned. With mounting pressure stemming from the intent to make the next FNaF installment better than the previous ones, Cawthon has decided to take time out and attend to his family for now.

"So, after giving this a lot of thought, I've decided that I'm going to stop working on it. I'm not going to reveal anything else about what the game was, and I've asked other people involved never to divulge anything either.

It's just not going to be talked about," explained Cawthon on the temporary halt to the next installment of the indie point-and-click survival horror video game.

Emphasis on quality

News about Cawthon temporarily taking time out may come as a disappointment to most. But then again, avid FNaF players need to broaden their minds and actually thank the creator for being honest upfront.

The immediate release of sequels is something prevalent in the gaming world though the quality they bring comes to mind. Some have rushed such, and the outcome normally resulted into something disappointing.

For the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” franchise, most are aware of the excitement and impact that the game brought to hardcore gamers.

The good news from the sudden turn of events by Cawthon is that there is a next game installment and all they have to do right now is wait.

Not limited to FNaF

The FNaF series is not the only one credited to Cawthon. There are Foxy Fighters and the Pizza Tycoon game. He bared how he enjoyed working on those game titles as well, hinting that he could take on them but with emphasis on the fun and quality that gamers deserve.

Right now, it is all about rediscovering the urge to make “Five Nights at Freddy’s” 6 or other games Cawthon is into. The time off may help him in doing so, seeking the understanding of gamers and his followers.

For now, players can console themselves with the previous five installments of FNaF. Some may have finished it, but there are those who opt to revisit them and pin down clues and secrets that could be tied up to the next chapter.

Alternatively, there is also the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” movie which he is involved in together with Blumhouse. As one can see, Cawthon has a full plate so being burned out by ideas is readily explained. Right now, only time will tell before he can rediscover that old flame and deliver the game that has caught the attention of the mobile gaming market.