As we all know, “Pokemon GO’s” current raid system has 5 levels but only tiers one to four are active as of the moment. The fifth tier that’s Niantic has yet to release is the Legendary Raid Egg, which, obviously refers to the legendary Pokemon.

Level 5 Raid Boss List

Niantic has not denied, nor confirmed any speculations or rumors in regards to the Legendary Raid Eggs, but as early as now, Pokemon GO Hub has already made a list of possible legendary Pokemon that these PokeGyms might come with. legendaries from Gen 1 are Mewtwo, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.

While Gen 2 consists of Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Lugia, and Ho-oh.

Earlier in the day, we have published an article tackling the best counters and counter moves for level 3 raid boss Pokemon. Pokemon GO Hub has also come up with their own raid guide in but this time, it's for tier 5 raid bosses.

Raid Strategy

According to the guide, rock type Pokemon such as Golem and Tyranitar gives “Pokemon GO” trainers the highest chance of inflicting damage and eventually winning against legendary level 5 raid bosses. Golem, for instance, takes a less significant amount of damage from legendary moves as compared to other Pokemon.

A Golem that has the quick move Rock Throw and Stone Edge as a charge move applies 2x super effective damage against Articuno, Ho-oh, and Moltres, while being super effective on Lugia.

As for a Golem with Rock Throw and Earthquake, it deals super effective damage on for Entei and Raikou.

Tyranitar on the other hand, being both rock and dark type, has a good chance in resisting legendary moves just like Golem, as well as inflict super effective damage against Mewtwo and Lugia. Pokemon GO Hub lists Bite and Stone Edge as its most effective move set.

Legendary Raid Release Date

Two months ago at the Webby Awards, Niantic’s Global Marketing Lead. Archit Bhargava dropped a possible hint of when the much-awaited event might just happen, “This summer will be legendary!” Summer in the US started back in June 21st and is up until the 22nd of September. Which leads to a perfectly timed summer event for Niantic, namely the “Pokemon GO” Festival in Chicago this July 22, 2017.

More than a week ago, Forbes published an article in regards to Niantic sampling a preview on how Pokemon legendary raids might work and ultimately how legendary Pokemon would likely be introduced in “Pokemon GO” during the event. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more "Pokemon GO" tips and tricks.