Niantic Labs is leaving no stone unturned in the bid to lure back players who abandoned its location based mobile game, "Pokemon Go." In line with this, the game developer introduced Legendary Raids in Chicago during Pokemon GO Fest.

While these raids were extremely well-received as it gave Trainers an opportunity to get their hands on a couple of rare birds in the form of Lugia and Articuno, it didn't take too long for them to figure out it's no child's play. However, the main idea of the game is to catch them all and on this wise, let us take a gander at how can you find, battle and beat Articuno and Lugia.

Legendary Raid

Ferreting out a Legendary Raid is not entirely different from finding a regular one. The raids you show interest in are represented by five Rhydon icons, and you are assured either one of the two rare birds i.e. Lugia or an Articuno if you catch sight of one of the eggs mentioned above. You can either search nearby gyms or check if your area comprises a tool like the one you can see on that lets you expand your search.

It is imperative for Trainer to bear in mind that the concept of Legendary Raid Pass is yet to arrive into the game. In this regard, Legendary Raids and regular Raids have striking similarities concerning how they work: first off, find the raid and use a standard pass to enter.

How to fight?

Forbes' contributor Dave Thier describes it as a raid in a more extreme form. In other words, it is recommended to get your toughest Pokemon in order. Dark-type is perfect in defiance of the Psychic-type Lugia, while Fire-type is ideal to take on Articuno's Ice.

Stone-type responds in retaliation to Flying-type so that you can count on those attacks against both.

However, bear in mind that Lugia is also capable of using the water attack Hydro Pump against you, which can ravage powerful counters such as Golem or Tyrannitar.

Raids involve fighting as a team, and that's quite important particularly with strenuous Legendary Raids. In fact, ensuring you have reliable teammates is more important than even getting your own house.

Thier believes the entire procedure will be even harder for trainers based in rural and suburban regions as "Pokemon Go" update continues to slant in favor of Trainer based in denser areas.

Now, raids last for a couple of hours which makes showing up and hoping for a team even harder; however, arriving at the beginning is still a feasible approach. Since people understand the possibility of achieving something advantageous, which is not the case when it comes to regular Raids, they get there even before a Tier-5 raid kicks off. Those making an appearance alone should either carry a book or go for a raid with a bar around the corner. Also, put on your Pokemon gear to let people know you're playing "Pokemon Go." Alternatively, you can carry an external battery pack, which acts as an indicator for a fellow Trainer.

Next level

Going on to the next level you have to elevate your coordination game. You can bring a friend in order to ensure a good start, but the heading to social media is the best way. Various cities and areas have “Pokemon Go” Facebook groups, subreddits or Discord channels where players set up raids, so that might be a good way to find out exactly how many players plan to show up at a given raid. The fight is identical to a regular Raid. You have relatively more time to take on a Legendary Bird, but you might want to be close-fisted regarding dodging to ensure your damage output is at its highest. In the case that all of your creatures lose, you can still return with new Pokemon or even revive the ones you already have. If everything goes as planned, you will end up with an opportunity to capture an Articuno or a Lugia.