Arguably one of the best free to play games on the market, Path Of Exile is on the verge of releasing its sixth expansion entitled “The Fall of Oriath.” Since Grinding Gear Games announced “Path of Exile” in 2013, it has built a fan base with more than 15 million users. The decision to allow for the levels to be randomly generated ensured that players always had something new to come back to, while the robust skill and "Diablo" inspired combat systems guaranteed that the time spent playing was constantly rewarding.

'The Fall of Oriath' biggest expansion for 'Path of Exile' to date

So, why is “The Fall of Oriath” worth discussing? It is after-all the sixth expansion to the base game, what separates this from the other five? Well, this one is a bit different; especially in terms of scale. Currently, “Path of Exile” consists of four acts, with a variety of difficulty levels. “The Fall of Oriath” removes the latter but adds a further six acts; bringing the total to ten. That more than doubles the length of the story mode.

Some might argue that by removing the option to progress from normal to cruel and eventually merciless, they have inadvertently cut the game time down by more than half. Although that is true, “Path of Exile” did not change the story or content between difficulty levels and instead, the monsters in each level would merely be of a higher difficulty.

The game is addictive enough that it is fun to play through it a few times; but if done well, having a considerably longer story mode should trump an increased level of difficulty.

#Xbox One starts beta period for 'The Fall of Oriath'

With Grinding Gear Games launching the beta for “The Fall of Oriath” earlier today on the Xbox One, we should know more once "Path of Exile" players progress a bit further.

From the sound of things, Act five will consist of completely new content while acts six to ten will mostly follow the same formula as the previous five acts, but with changes resulting from the actions carried out by the player. Depending on how wide spread these changes are, it will determine whether “The Fall of Oriath” is a success or not.

if they end up being rather minimal, it might seem like a missed opportunity.

Grinding Gear Games have also mentioned that there will be further changes, including new locations, new powers, and bosses to fight. The Harbinger League will also start from the 4th of August, to coincide with the release of “The Fall of Oriath”.