Fans were not amused when Niantic's supposed to be festive "Pokemon GO" event suffered a glitch and neither appeased by what the developer has to offer as a peace offering. According to AotF, some fans who attended the Chicago event is filing a lawsuit against Niantic after the company failed to deliver what they promised to the fans during the event. The company has since "given away" the Legendary Pokemon as promised, with some few tokens of appreciation.

'Pokemon GO' glitch in Chicago

Unfortunately, some fans were not contented with Niantic's offer as they also want their travel expenses covered.

A fan from California, in particular, said it was the grueling hours spent on the line only to be met with connectivity issues and game crashes that set them off. Some say the game's latency added to the issues surrounding the glitch. Niantic, on the other hand, has not issued a formal statement regarding the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Niantic has started refunding the $20 admission fee to the fans as well as giving away $100 worth of Pokecoins. But most of all, they have also given away the Legendary Pokemon Lugia to all those who attended the event and were not able to play the game. In a report by the Polygon, a certain Jonathan Norton, a California based "Pokemon GO" fan filed the lawsuit and is backed by 20-30 more participants of the event.

Lawsuit claim against 'Pokemon GO' fest organizer

Apparently, the lawsuit merely claims the travel expenses incurred by the fans as Niantic already awarded its promise of freebies and Legendary Pokemon to the fans. Meanwhile, Niantic has since announced the extended time and location where fans can still catch the Legendary Pokemon Lugia after the "Pokemon GO" event.

Unfortunately, the offer did not sit well with the fans who traveled miles just to join the fest.

According to Thomas Zimmerman, a California-based attorney representing Norton, they are far from seeking relief in the failed obtainment of the Legendary Pokemon; Zimmerman acknowledged Niantic's effort to make sure the fans will get them.

But for the people interested in filing the law suit, they all came from outside the United States, and they want nothing more than to have their travel expenses reimbursed. "But Niantic is not offering to refund people’s travel expenses for coming to Chicago. Most of the people came from out of state, many people from other countries — I talked to someone who flew in from Japan, he added.