Game director Mike Laidlaw has teased the “Dragon Age 4” development. There also posted a number of job listings for the game. Here are the features, details, and everything that is known so far about the new game.

BioWare Job Listings For New 'Dragon Age'

Bioware new game title has been rumored for some time already. BioWare has listed several jobs under the game's franchise thereby confirming that the new entry in the franchise is already in the works. Mike Laidlaw also confirmed the next game's development saying “It’s no secret we’re doing something with "Dragon Age.”

As posted on BioWare’s official website, they have been hiring people to help develop the new title.

It includes those under Arts such as senior technical artist, animator, senior character artist, lead cinematic animator, lead environment artist, and narrative systems designer. For the new game design, they have been looking for a level designer and senior gameplay designer. BioWare also posted job listings for a cinematic tools programmer, online software developer, game programmer, systems programmer, and tools programmer. With this, the upcoming game's release date is expected to be in 2018.

'Dragon Age 4' features, characters and improvements

Dragon Age 4” is expected to feature a more chaotic world and amazing characters. There will a massive civil war wherein Solas strives hard to take over the world together with his elves.

Meanwhile, the Qunaris will be going against the law and order imposed in their world. The Templars, on the other hand, will be more intense with the Mages. Behind the chaotic world in the upcoming entry, Cullen will be the one to prevent the apocalypse from happening. It is also expected that there will be a surprise playable character who will serve as new protagonist to join Cullen in their attempt to save the world.

BioWare has indeed hyped up the fans for the upcoming new game title. Everybody is now expecting great things to come from the new game. However, reports revealed that the next game must feature open world content, which will add more inquisitions to the play area content. The combat must also improve through balancing the different class.

With this, the upcoming new entry in the franchise will be more challenging to each player. Moreover, BioWare and the rest of the developers must also limit the multiplayer gameplay and not force the multiplayer online.