The “Pokemon” series is one of the most popular games in video game history and it’s not hard to see why. In the game, players are transported into a world filled with cute little creatures known as Pocket Monsters (Pokemon for short). You can catch and raise them to become powerful fighters which you use during battles with other trainers.

One major reason why the series is so well-accepted is because of the design of the monsters. They range from cute, cool, scary, or just plain awesome depending on their type and the real-life animals or objects they’re based on.

The brand’s representative, Pikachu, is iconic for being an extremely cute mouse that has captured the hearts of many fans since it debuted back in the first game. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the cutest monsters in “Pokemon” history.


This legendary creature first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue as something of a pre-internet myth. Technically you could catch it, but you’d have to make use of a glitch within the game for it to appear. Mew’s design is pretty simple as it’s just a light pink monster and it’s described as shy and rarely seen by humans.

Mew’s become a popular Pokemon among fans for its simplistic, yet attractive design that’s reminiscent of a softer and kind-hearted Mewtwo.


Like Mew, Eevee also appeared in the first two games and was special as it had branching evolutions.

This monster has the appearance of a fennec fox and it is coated with brown and white fur. Eevee’s are usually popular as Pets and can be found within cities and towns. Its unique genetic structure allows it to adapt to its environment, which accounts for its many evolutions.


This adorable little snake is also one of the veteran monsters in the series.

Dratini was a fan-favorite monster and was often sought out in the previous games because of its powerful evolution. Despite its serpentine structure, it’s actually a dragon and can reach lengths of six feet. In the game’s lore, Dratinis were so rare that they were believed to be a myth. However, people soon discovered that their colonies are found underwater.


There’s a saying that a dog is a man’s best friend, and in the Pokemon universe, Growlithe is that dog. The in-game description literally lists it as a puppy Pokemon and it’s become a popular pick among fans because of its cute appearance.

Like dogs, they have powerful olfactory sense and can detect intruders which make them reliable police partners.