The Nintendo DS became one of the more popular handheld systems in gaming history, for its unique design and library of impressive titles. Fans had high expectations for the system, especially after the initial success of the Game Boy Advance. Luckily, Nintendo managed to deliver expectations with plenty of players enjoying the dual-screen handheld.

One main reason why people buy consoles or handhelds is the fact that they have some impressive games in their library. A powerful system without any games could arguably be considered useless so while the Nintendo DS was slightly underpowered compared to its competition, gamers enjoyed the games it had to offer.

With this in mind, here are three games from the DS that deserve a remake.

'The World Ends With You'

This action role-playing game focused on deceased characters like the protagonist, Neku Sakuraba. and the other cast members who were forced to play the Reapers’ Game. By offering their most treasured possession, the dead characters get the chance to play for another chance at life or transcend into some higher form of spiritual existence. “The World Ends With You” has been praised for its unique gameplay, plot, art style and music to the point where it has become one of the most prominent titles under the Nintendo DS library.

'The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass'

This installment in the Zelda franchise focuses, once again, on Link who joins forces with Captain Linebeck to reunite with Tetra who was left on a Ghost Ship.

This game is a direct sequel to “The Wind Waker” and has Link sailing the Great Sea once again to travel to different islands. Players can customize their boat and draw on a sea chart on the screen to reach their destination. Critics were highly positive towards the “Phantom Hourglass” but claimed that the online features were too simplistic.

If the game were to receive a remake, Nintendo could easily enhance the said features.

'Metroid Prime Hunters'

In lieu of the Metroid” franchise finally making its return, a remake of the popular Nintendo DS game seems to be in order. This first-person action-adventure game had won over the hearts of many fans back in the time for its graphics and innovation.

Here, players take control of series protagonist Samus Aran who investigates a mysterious message that came from the Alimbic System. The game focuses more on the first-person shooter aspects than the traditional platformer mechanics the franchise is known for. While some criticized its strange control scheme, this could easily be tweaked if there was a remake of it.