Toylogic recently announced their open beta for their upcoming game "Happy Dungeons." Originally released on the Xbox One console, the game punches its way back to the PlayStation consoles. PS4 consoles are selling like hotcakes because of numerous key features including a smoother and faster performance. Just like other games that hosted their open beta, this action-RPG game entered the lineup.

Furthermore, players who participate in the open beta will get a "powerful, limited-edition" in-game for use during the release of the full game. That is the reason why players should participate in open beta to receive this exclusive gift from the developers themselves.

The open beta experience is open now (July 21 to July 24).

Raid the dungeon with friends

One of the key features of Happy Dungeons is the multiplayer option. This will allow players play alongside their friends to raid dungeons easier and faster. Players can party up to four members. The more members in the party, the easier it is to gain experience points to level up faster.

Customize your own character

The player can customize their characters based on their preferences. This will make sure that no two characters are alike. There are numerous choices along with clothes. One can change the expressions and styles of the face along with hairstyles and accessories.

Three classes to choose from

Players can choose from the three classes, depending on their play style.

The following classes are Warrior, Cleric, and Mage. First, Warrior brandishes a huge sword that slices enemies, dealing huge damage. Second, Cleric wields a mace and shield, which are perfect for defensive routines and protection of allies. Lastly, Mage is welded a rod in one hand that deals range magical damage.

Players can use the buttons for a different skill and each skill deals huge damage if used properly.

Other than that, skills can also be customized along with the aforementioned clothes and appearance. Lastly, an action-RPG game is not complete without boss battles and constant updates. Toylogic will constantly update the game with events and quests that will keep players occupied. Moreover, they will also gain some loot and experience that are exclusively for that certain event.

Happy Dungeons will be released worldwide this September on the PlayStation 4 consoles. More updates will be revealed in the future, especially the expected specific release date. More information can be viewed on Toylogic's official website.