Gta 5” just recently added a new hardcore mode to keep the game on fire after the franchise released its first online mode last month. As expected, the new updates will focus on GTA Online's new features and cars.

New GTA mode and cars revealed

GameSpot mentioned in their post that the brand-new mode will be called Power Mad. This mode will center on two teams that are composed of four players and the object of the team is to secure the Juggernaut suit.

Teams are also obliged to acquire power up, granting them control over an armored juggernaut with a machine gun on it.

The team who acquire the power ups and attempt to keep their juggernaut alive for a distance of one meter will earn a point for it.

However, the power-up of the team will go down if the team’s juggernaut dies, which both teams have to fight to get their hands on again.

The Juggernaut power-up will allow players to tear up and destroy some solid objects in the game as well. Players will also receive double GTA points or GTA$ and RP when they playing this new mode until July 31.

Additionally, Rockstar announced that the game will feature a new car in "GTA Online." The car seems to be a 1985 Lamborghini Countach which named “The Pegassi Torero.”

The developer stated that the car can be appended in the player’s collection as it has a scissor-door classic which reflects the vehicle’s tradition.

The Pegassi Torero is available in the GTA’s Legendary Motorsports store, where players can get 25 percent discount for all engine upgrades until the end of the month.

Rockstar further claimed that all upgraded engines will have a boosted speed of 25 percent, according to their Bunker Research Technician. They also claimed that the upgrades will allow the players to attach their weapons to their vehicle faster as the GTA’s ammunition gun store will offer a 25 percent discount for hand guns, including machines guns and assault rifles.

The reason why ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ delayed its release

Express reported on their website that Red Dead's publisher revealed the reason why the game was delayed. Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO, suggested that Rockstar is currently busy with the “GTA 5 Online” new features.

However, Zelnick promised that the “Red Dead Redemption 2” will feature more online rudiments than they previously planned and admitted that the game might be released late next year or may be in 2019.

He then insisted that “Red Dead Redemption 2” will look better if it is released in 2019 as it will be published along with titles from 2K, including the 2K Sports titles catalog, NBA 2k Online in China, and Social Point.