Who in the video game world doesn't love a great sale. As long as your wallet can take it, this might be a great time to make some specific purchases. Game publisher Focus teamed up with Microsoft to offer a few killer deals for the Xbox consoles this week. Let's go through the available options, to see if anything is worth the time.

Xbox One

The Technomancer is $10; which sounds about right for the messy Action RPG. Although it is an ambitious title and does have quite a few positives going for it, the Sci-Fi themes adventure suffered from a lack of polish.

The combat is similar to that of The Witcher 3, the worst part of that masterpiece, while the graphics are reasonable but not great.

Styx: Shards of Darkness is a great stealth title, one that might be worth full price for some. With a heavy dose of sarcasm and dark humor and a refreshing lead character, it offers an experience that is hard to find on another IP. Still, this is not going to be for everyone. At the discounted price of $33.49, Thief fans could find something to satisfy them here. Also, the double pack of Master of Shadows and Shards of Darkness is available for $35.99.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom seems to have come and gone without much fan fare. It is a shame, to be honest since it fuses RPG and 3D fighting elements to an impressive degree.

The colorful and vibrant world is also fun to explore, even though the puzzle elements are not all that great. At just under $23, it might be worth watching a gameplay video or two to see if it captures your interest.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition remains one of the best tactical RPGs of the last few years. The slow pace will be hit and miss for most, but the depth of the combat and interesting story avoid the risk of any boredom stepping in.

It is a steal at any price under $20.

For Dark Souls fans, The Surge is on sale for a bit more than $40. Rest easy, it is considerably better than Lords of the Fallen. The futuristic Sci-Fi landscape offers something fresh, even though the gameplay mechanics rarely stray too far away from the standard formula. It is also extremely hard, definitely more so than any of the rest Souls titles.

The save points are few and far apart, so aspect quite a bit of frustration.

Xbox 360

Divinity 2, Bound by Flame, Contrast, and Mars: Wars Log is also on sale for peanuts. They definitely have been cheaper than their respective prices, especially on PC, but for those looking for some time to kill: there they are.