Electronic Arts have recently that they are a bit interested in AR tech. They also revealed that there are 12 new games currently in development in Frostbite.

No news on VR, but AR might be good

During a financial conference call by EA, Chief Officer Andrew Wilson said that they do not have a lot of news to discuss with VR because it is a pretty standard commodity now. He explained that due to it being common, it would take many more years before it becomes a great opportunity for competition with other companies. Still, they are now experimenting on that popular tech with their Frostbite Engine and having some ideas on creating sports games, first-person shooters, or maybe an adventure game with some action.

The AR, on the other hand, should be more interesting to discuss, the chief executive officer said. He said that the players might see some new software that will take on geodata, gameplay data, or friends data with the AR tech. He explained that it might enhance the gameplay experience for the players.

12 new games with Frostbite Engine

Aside from Wilson, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen also revealed that they have 12 new games in development with the use of the Frostbite Engine. They also revealed that their future games would have improvements like more immersive worlds, better AI, and advanced learning with the help of the power that has been increased with new devices and an improved cloud server.

Wilson discussed that their Frostbite Engine has evolved further and faster compared to others. The reason was due to the many game studios that are currently using their engine, which in turn evolves it further for the better.

The chief executive officer also mentioned the upcoming game titles that will be released in the fiscal year 2019, which will start on April 1, 2018.

He revealed that there will be a “Star Wars” action adventure game developed by Visceral Games. He also mentioned the upcoming “Anthem,” which is currently in development by BioWare.

Wilson said that their development team is currently focusing on upgrading their current franchises that have been established already. They are also making new IPs that will have better tech and software that will be offered on every platform.

New developers for studio in Montreal

Jorgensen revealed in the conference call that the game company has already hired more or less a hundred new developers for the studio in Montreal called Motive Studio. This studio will be led by Jade Raymond, and the chief financial officer is confident that it is a great addition to the company team. While Motive Studio is there already, it was also confirmed that BioWare Montreal had been moved there too.

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