Asus ROG is one of the best Gaming Laptop manufacturers out there in the market. I played around with Asus ROG G752 for around two weeks and decided to write this article. Asus has redefined this laptop for GTX 1070 and has upgraded the specification to some extent.

The laptop is priced at $1899 and is available at as well as Asus store. The pricing here is competitive, and the laptop offers a lot of good specification. The question which comes up is should you spend your thousands of bucks on this laptop? We will find out in this article soon.

Size and display

The laptop weighs around 8kg which is pretty heavy for a laptop. The laptop comes with a 17.3-inch display which makes it quite big too. The laptop is more like a desktop replacement rather so you can not carry it around everywhere. And if you will look at the specification then this heaviness will seem acceptable. 17-inch laptops tend to have a lot of weight, and this is not an exception.

Asus ROG G752 has the amazing display with G-sync capabilities. G-synch helps your laptop to reduce video stuttering and visual tearing which is a plus point for gamers out there. The display offers great color accuracy, good contrast, and better viewing angles. You will notice a little flex in it, but that is due to the large screen size and is not a big problem.

Under the hood specification

Asus ROG G752 comes with Intel core i7 6820HK which is a sky lake processor which is faster than the regular ones, so that's a good thing. For graphics, you will get GTX1070 8GB DDR5 which shows exceptional performance. This graphic card can complete its desktop variant which is amazing if you ask me.

Moreover, you will get 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, and 512GB SSD. The drive speed is not bad as compared to the previous model of this laptop. It's good that Asus has upgraded a lot of stuff in it.

I was able to get 100 frames per second easily on all the popular gaming titles at high graphic setting. The performance shown by this graphic card is awesome and for sure it will able to run all the upcoming next generations titles without any issue.

You can also overclock this laptop if you want but personally, the laptop performs pretty well, and I guess there is no need for this.

Asus ROG G752 comes with a backlit keyboard which is limited to red color only, and I don't like red color in laptops that much. At this price point, they should go with RGB backlighting or something. The trackpad is big, and you will get a lot of room to move your fingers. It uses windows precision drivers which are the best drivers for the trackpad. Overall, no complaints with keyboard and trackpad.

Design and battery

Asus ROG G752 has one of the unique design aesthetics which will not bore you in a longer run. If you look at other gaming laptops, you will always see the red color and not so good design.

But, Asus has done a great job here with this laptop.

The screen hinge, the rear exhaust, the fit and finish of everything is great. There is still some flex on the keyboard, but it is a wide 17-inch laptop, so it was again expected not a big deal here. The laptop lid features the ROG logo, and it is accented by two glowing stripes and a rust-colored hinge. The finish is smooth and premium but is still prone to hairline scratches.

I was able to get around 3 hours of juice on this laptop which is an average battery life. Every other gaming laptop shows average battery life. The laptop took 2 hours for complete charging. While gaming, I will suggest you to use the laptop plugged in.

Opinions on Asus ROG G752

I overall like this gaming laptop and it was a fun experience for me. The laptop offers fantastic price range value. You are getting good specification as compared to price. The only thing which I don't like was the dimensions and weight factor. I want my laptop to go everywhere with me, and I certainly can not do with this one. It's a desktop replacement which I don't want on my laptop.

I would rather go for light laptop and gaming would assemble a custom desktop. But if you are the one who doesn't care about the size then you should go for this laptop. It will not disappoint you in any way and is good for a longer run. You can purchase this laptop on