The previous update of "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" revealed the skills of the party members named Martina and Row. Now, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu revealed the protagonist and Camus' skills and spells. Going back on the "Zone" state, where the protagonist glows into a hue of blue and becomes powered up, one of his skills guarantees that he will enter in that state.

Along with the protagonist's skills and spells, a new party member and his trusted partner named Camus enters the spotlight. Camus brandishes a dagger skill and assassination techniques that will aid our main hero through thick and thin.

Here are the following skills and spells:


The skills of the protagonist are "Sword Dance," "All-Out Slash," "Zone Hit," and "Dragon Slash." First, "Sword Dance" is a skill that makes the protagonist attack many times as possible, looking like he is dancing, thus, the first skill's name. Second, "All-Out Slash" is a two-handed sword skill that puts all of the protagonist's power in one hit.

Third, "Zone Hit" is a hero skill that makes the protagonist enter the powered up state called "Zone." Fourth, "Dragon Slash" is a two-handed sword skill that unleashes massive damage to dragon enemies. Lastly, he can use the spell called "Kaclang," which turns his target ally into iron, making them invulnerable to damage.


Moving on to Camus, he is the protagonist's trusted partner. Even though Camus has a sharp-tongued and rude attitude, he has a warm heart that cares for his friends and allies. In addition, he is a blue-haired thief that supports and guides the protagonist. Camus can use boomerangs, daggers, and two-handed swords that make him versatile in battle.

His skills include "Clone," "Sword Guard," "Assassin Attack," and "Starburst Throw."

First, "Clone" is a skill that increases the effect of Camus. He creates a duplicate of himself. Second, "Sword Guard" is a two-handed sword skill that makes him guard against impending enemy attack with his weapon.

Third, "Assassin Attack" is a dagger skill that locates the target's weak point and thrusts it with his dagger for an instant kill.

Fourth, "Starburst Throw" is a boomerang skill that calls upon the stars, raining down blades of light to attack enemies. Lastly, his spell is called "Jibariina" that deals damage to enemies if they do an action.

Skill Panel resets at the church

According to Gematsu, players will have the opportunity to reset or assign multiple points on the skill panel at the church as they progress in "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time." This is one feature that will allow them to fix a skill panel mistake and will make the game enjoyable for everyone.